Global Conference Calls

These 60 minute conference calls are a platform for members to learn about important topics from amazing resources and to share information, ideas and inspiration about their own endeavors. The calls will also offer updates on PAN’s recent and upcoming activities.

9/8/15 | Field Reflections: Them, Not Us

8/11/15 | The Game of Camps, Episode 2: Iran’s Perspective, Practitioner View

7/29/15 | The Game of Camps, Episode 1: Nuclear Deal – Israel’s View in a Shifting Region, Practitioner View

4/16/15 | BRAC: From a small relief effort to the world’s largest hybrid social enterprise

2/24/15 | Iran: Opportunities and Challenges

12/4/14 | Iran – Nuclear Talks: The Extension, Opportunities & Challenges

6/26/14 | The Tech Revolution in the Middle East – Challenges and Opportunities

5/30/14 | Navigating the Middle East Conflict 2014

5/21/14 | kNOw THEM – Discussions on the inherent danger of the word “THEM”

1/28/14 | Israel/Palestine: Peace and the Two State Solution

9/26/13 | The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

5/30/13 | Iran Today: Demystifying the Islamic Republic

5/9/13 | North Korea: Isolation or Engagement

9/20/12 | Cuba Today and Tomorrow with Prof. Jorge Dominguez

6/18/12 | North Korea: On the Inside

9/3/10 | Pakistan Floods Disaster and Relief Management

1/14/10 | Every Individual Can Make a Difference – Inspiration from the Founder of the World Peace Festival

2/9/09 | The Gaza Crisis, its political ramifications, and the lessons to be learned

4/22/08 | Bill Drayton, Ashoka

3/13/08 | “The New Cold War” with Edward Lucas