1/14/10 | Every Individual Can Make a Difference – Inspiration from the Founder of the World Peace Festival

Some of today’s most influential people in philanthropy and humanitarian efforts agree with the notion that peace starts at the individual level. Though they work through various organizations and initiatives, they all have their eyes on Berlin, Germany for the World Peace Festival (WPF) in August 2010. This global, UN-backed peace event has also attracted the attention of the YPO-WPO, so we’re hosting a Global Conference call with WPF founder and one of his top team members. Join us for this inspiring, empowering call.

The WPF has received huge support from the United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize winners, CEOs, celebrities, artists and outstanding individuals from all walks of life. On our call, WPF founder Tom Oliver will explain the festival’s work on showing people how to be at peace with themselves, others and the environment. He will explain the two key cornerstones of the festival, Tools for Peace and the Cells for Peace, which provide a sustainable, practical path to global peace. We’ll also hear from Scilla Elworthy, as she and Oliver discuss how:

– world peace starts with personal peace

– you can be the change you want to see in the world

– the new age of individual empowerment and social responsibility comes from the bottom up instead of top down

– people can learn from their enemies

Don’t miss this important call. You will gain a new perspective and valuable tools to help you approach all of your philanthropic and leadership efforts.

Tom Oliver is the founder and CEO of the World Peace Festival Berlin 2010. He is a true Renaissance man, with a German and U.S. background, degrees from the Wharton School of Business and the University of Cologne, and a successful career as a singer, songwriter, performer and pianist. His vision is to spread peace around the world, beginning with each individual.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy, three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and adviser to Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela and Peter Gabriel on the creation of the Elders, is one of the WPF’s core team members. She has a long history of forging peace when others have failed, including founding the Oxford Research Group, which developed effective dialog between nuclear weapons policy makers and their critics. This work was recognized with the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003.