4/16/15 | BRAC: From a small relief effort to the world’s largest hybrid social enterprise

Learn about BRAC’s strategy for success, including both the power and limitations of social enterprise, and hear about BRAC’s graduation approach to ending extreme poverty in this generation and how they partner to achieve this goal.

Resource Susan Davis is president and CEO of BRAC USA, an independent affiliate of BRAC, which is “the largest, fastest-growing non-governmental organization (NGO) in the world—and one of the most businesslike,” according to The Economist.

A hybrid social enterprise, BRAC, formerly Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, reaches 120 million people in Bangladesh alone – where the majority of its interventions are self-financed. In 2001, BRAC expanded internationally and now operates in 11 countries worldwide, reaching 135 million people. Its mission: to empower the poor with the tools to overcome poverty by providing healthcare, education, adolescent empowerment, microfinance, and livelihood training to women and girls.

“BRAC has done what few others have – they have achieved success on a massive scale.” – Bill Gates.

Discussion topics include:
BRAC’s success story: how it grew from a small relief effort to the world’s largest NGO that was recently ranked number two in the top 500 NGOs.
Building social enterprises: The power and limitations of this model.
How interested members can join this movement.

Susan Davis is an author, speaker and thought leader in international development and civil society innovation. In 2006, she founded BRAC USA, an organization created to advance the global mission of BRAC, the world’s largest nonprofit organization. She is currently president and CEO of BRAC USA, which mobilizes resources, provides strategic and programs services, and educates the public about BRAC’s pioneering work to alleviate poverty and create opportunity for the poor.

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