6/18/12 | North Korea: On the Inside

Go far beyond the usual media reports on North Korea as we discuss the current situation on the ground and the realities of the country following the death of Kim Jong-il. Get first-hand, insider accounts of the obstacles and opportunities in North Korea today.

Hear from our experts: Stephen Bosworth and Stephen Linton.  Ambassador Bosworth has long standing diplomatic involvement in the Korean Peninsula and led the effort to convince North Korea to give up its nuclear program in 1994 that resulted in the Agreed Framework treaty and Linton is an expert on North Korea who has visited North Korea more than 50 times since 1979 and twice met the country’s late president, Kim Il-sung.

You will also learn about:
– the implications for regional and global security
– succession after Kim Jong-il
– possibilities to engage going forward

Our speakers will discuss the assertion that while the political situation in North Korea became more uncertain in the wake of Kim Jong-il’s death, it is not necessarily unstable. They will make the case that we should be exploring channels for engagement, rather than waiting for North Korea to implode.

Come away with a clearer understanding of North Korea today.

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