5/21/14 | kNOw THEM – Discussions on the inherent danger of the word “THEM”

This single word, THEM, has a devastating impact on geopolitical and societal levels, as well as in our businesses and personal relationships. THEM creates ‘the Other’ – isolating, insulting and marginalizing.

Discussion topics include:

The costs of THEMification
Being Conscious of our instinctive reaction to “THEM”
Using Curiosity to get past stereotyping
Challenging our oversimplified preconceived notions
Resources and suggestions to bring these learnings to our families, businesses, and communities

Take home value:

Recognize and address/diffuse our instinctive biases and prejudices, geopolitically or locally
Consume media more critically to garner a more nuanced perspective on global events

Enhance your ability to develop and work with a diverse workforce, customers and suppliers
Preempt potential workplace issues stemming from bias and stereotypes

Identify the built-in filters which create blocks to really connecting with those you care most about
Improve your personal relationships with family and friends

Dick Simon (WPO New England and WPO Patriot Chapters) is the co-Founder and Chair of the YPO-WPO Peace Action Network (PAN). Founded shortly after 9/11, PAN harnesses the power of the YPO-WPO Network to help members engage in areas of conflict and need. PAN Action Forums bring together members on opposite sides of geopolitical, religious and other conflicts to break down stereotypes and learn that each “side” has their own history, perspective and narrative through which they experience the world. Dick is the recipient of the YPO Global Humanitarian Award and has recently launched the kNOw THEM Initiative, based on his work and learnings over the past decade that many of the issues we deal with, geopolitical, personal, and business, are rooted in creating distance between “us” and “them.”

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