12/4/14 | Iran – Nuclear Talks: The Extension, Opportunities & Challenges

Please join Doing Business Globally, Doing Business in Iran, Peace Action and Global Diplomacy and Public Policy networks for a discussion about Iran; Post Nov. 24th Nuclear Deadline-Opportunities & Challenges.

The call will include discussion of and learnings from prior and upcoming YPO-WPO Iran Experiences from Chris Schroeder (YPO US Capital) and Dariush Maanavi (WPO Presidents’ Action Network), in which members and spouses have an opportunity to learn firsthand on the ground about the current situation in Iran, hosted by Cyrus Razzaghi (YPO Greater MENA) and Andreas Schweitzer (WPO Italy) living and working in Tehran. Now that the nuclear peace talks have been extended between Iran and the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain — along with Germany the call will discuss what this means for Iran’s relations with the West. We will also discuss what kind of impact the delay on a deal has, not only the regional geopolitics, but the regional and perhaps global economy. We will try to understand the possible scenarios ahead and their political and economic/business implications. Regardless of the nuclear outcome, Iran remains a fascinating place to visit, listen to the experiences of YPOers who have recently visited the country.

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