Navigating the Middle East Conflict 2014

This experience offers engagement with key players as if on a high-level diplomatic mission. This privileged access allows you to challenge those sitting at the controls and to meet with the negotiators, ministers and leaders whose decisions affect the lives of millions.

Experience the Middle East:

Connect with influential Palestinian and Israeli business leaders who will explain their perspective on the conflict and the role of economic development.
Visit border control stations and interact with U.S. and European leadership on the ground.
Engage key decision makers such as current and past ministers and negotiators from Israel and Palestinian Authority.
Learn from top-level security officials on both sides and gain insights into the complex and highly sensitive challenges they face.
Meet with regional leadership from the greater gulf and explore working multilateral projects.
Understand the lay of the land by taking a tour over borders with leading strategists.
Join forum-like sessions where you will think about and discuss what you have seen and heard and what you believe after hearing from the experts.
Choose to see it for yourself, delve deep into the politics of the regions and get a real sense of what life is like.

This is a very rare opportunity to see, experience, and understand the Middle East in an entirely new way.