Media on our Experiences:

Iran 2015:
American businessman preps for ‘huge’ opportunities to come in potential Iran deal – The World – BBC/PRI/WGBH
American CEOs Eye Iran – Interview with Christopher Schroeder in “Iran Primer” for United States Institute of Peace
BBC Persian: American Business Leaders in Iran
Behind the Headlines: Discovering Iran’s Business Complexities – Mary Woods in YPO Ignite
The biggest myths about doing business with Iran – Dick Simon for CNBC
Billboards in Iran Say ‘Death to America,’ but Officials Say ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ – Thomas Erdbrink in New York Times
The Dollar, Iran and Points in Between – Jay Pelosky in Global Connections
French Restaurant Hosts US Investors in Tehran The Daily Star
The Iran I Saw – Christopher Schroeder in Politico Magazine
Iran: Ready for Business – Ned Lamont in News Decoder/Medium
Nuclear Deal or Not, Iran Is Primed to Do Business – Ned Lamont in Real Clear Politics
A Rare Tour of the Former US Embassy in Iran – The “Den of Spies”– PRI/BBC/WGBH
Stepping into the U.S. Embassy in Tehran is a Step Back in Time to 1979 – by Cathy Weiss for ABC News Cleveland
U.S. CEOs find crowded field in Iran – Barbara Slavin in Al-Monitor
US investors feted in Iran despite sanctions uncertainty – Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Financial Times
What we get wrong about Iran – Linda Mason for CNN
Why an open Iran offers extensive upsides – Jay Pelosky in Financial Times

Iran 2014:
Iran in Transition – Art DeFehr
The Iran You Won’t Hear about from Ottawa – Jeffrey Simpson in The Globe and Mail
Startup Rising: Iran – Christopher M. Schroeder in Pando
U.S. Investors Begin to Imagine a Return to Iran – Jason Rezaian in The Washington Post
What It’s Like Being a Business Traveler in Iran – Christopher M. Schroeder in Harvard Business Review

Unlocking the Iranian Market – Turquoise Partners