Cuba 2012

Restaurant workers prepare for the lunch crowd by cleaning up outside.

Cuba: An “Only In YPO” PAN Experience 2012
1-4 November 2012

Cuba: An “Only In YPO” PAN Experience offers exclusive access to the island and her people. Cuba is a fascinating blend of old and new, revolution and stagnation, and can only be understood through personal experience. Its grand Spanish colonial heritage, storied past and continuous challenges mix with Afro-Caribbean culture to produce a unique society. Participants traveled to Cuba with fellow members and spouses on a “People to People” license from the US Department of the Treasury and an entry visa from the government of Cuba.  Hosted by Daniel Schwartz (WPO Big Apple / YPO Metro New York) and Dick Simon (WPO New England) and organized by Global Gallop LLC.

– Explore some of Cuba’s most important historical sites
– Better understand why this island has attracted so much attention over the centuries
– Engage with artists, economists, journalists, intellectuals and everyday Cubans
– Discuss topics ranging from the economy to architectural restoration
– Step inside the homes of locals
– Understand the changes slowly trickling into Cuban society today

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